The Best Beaches in the UK... and the Best Flip-Flops to Wear on Them!

With overseas travel being rather uncertain this summer, a lot of us are flocking to the wonderful tourist traps on our home turf. The United Kingdom is home to some absolutely incredible holiday destinations, and even though the weather can’t always be perfectly predictable, there are some truly wonderful (and often overlooked) beaches in the UK. If the start of this summer is anything to go by, you’ll definitely want to slip on a pair of Gumbies and get out onto the golden sand on our gorgeous coastline. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our best UK beaches to visit, and the perfect pair of Gumbies to go with each of them!

Durdle Door
Durdle Door, The Jurassic Coast, Dorset, England

Between the beaches of St Oswald’s Bay and Man O’War Cove lies this incredible limestone arch known as Durdle Door. It’s a long climb down to the beach and an even longer trek back up to get to the car, but rest assured even on the busiest days these two breathtaking beaches rarely get overcrowded. If you’re looking for more of a secluded location, this is the beach for you.

What to wear: Like we said, it’s a long walk, so get yourself a trusty pair of Cairns for the journey - light blue to complement the gorgeous blue waters.


Scottish Isle

Scarista Beach, Isle of Lewis/Uig Beach, Isle of Harris, Scotland

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the white sandy beach and turquoise sea belongs to an island off in the Caribbean. But no, among one of the six-thousand-plus islands in the UK are two isles that truly encapsulate island life without having to leave Britain. Beyond the rolling dunes, the Isles of Lewis & Harris are two of the least Scottish looking Scottish islands out there, perfect for escaping the dreary UK climes and trying out island life for a little while. Full of nature and backed by golden sand dunes, Scarista Beach on the Isle of Lewis and Uig Beach on the Isle of Harris are two of the best. Even on a cloudy day, Scarista Beach can be beautiful, and Uig is one of Harris’s biggest beaches for calm, relaxing vibes. Don’t be fooled by the tropical-looking water, though - we’re still on the north coast of Scotland, so expect a chill in colder weather!

What to wear: Whales, dolphins and seals can be spotted up in the Outer Hebrides! So why not slip on a pair of Black Signature Islanders - adorned with dolphin decals.




Hunstanton, Norfolk, England

From the classic seaside resort staples of donkey rides and afternoon tea, the little town of Hunstanton does all the classic British beach vibes right. Come summer, this hamlet becomes quite a busy area, with families flocking to enjoy the better weather. Why not go off the beaten path and head down to the slightly quieter Old Hunstanton, home of the iconic red-and-white striped cliffs, famous to the region. A gorgeous place to grab a clear view of the sunset, too.

What to wear: Complement the red rock cliffs with your Pacific Red Islanders.


Causeway Coastal Route


Causeway Coastal Route, Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

If beach bumming is less your style and you’re more into an adventure, then the coastal route along the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland is the one for you. With a breathtaking landscape full of beauty and drama, you’ll be captivated by the incredible sights of the Irish Sea. Not only that, the tourism here is second to none, with locals willing to share mythical stories everywhere you go.

What to wear: while you might want to wear some hiking boots for the more rugged walks, our Cairns in Orange are the perfect colour to complement the dramatic coastline, and are perfectly wearable on walks and for relaxing afterwards.




Mudeford Sandbank, Dorset, England

Whether you fancy a spot of crabbing by the rock pools or fishing by Mudeford Quay, these white sand beaches are well-loved by many. One of the best beaches in the UK, frequently topping lists of top ten beaches. A narrow stretch, the beach is known for its 350 bright beach huts, which are so popular that in the past they have sold for the same price of a two-bedroom house. Relax by the grassy dunes, or head over to Christchurch harbour.

What to wear: although it’s hard to beat the vibrant colours of the Mudeford beach huts, our colourful Flamingo Islanders certainly come close!


Brighton Pier


Brighton Beach, Brighton & Hove, England

Brighton Beach is one of the most well-loved and best beaches in the UK. A pebble beach, unlike many of the others on this list, it’s a great choice for those looking for somewhere not too far out from the Big Smoke of London town, or a perfect family beach with a free paddling pool for younger beachgoers. There are plenty of fun watersports activities to try, but laying back in the classic blue-and-white deckchairs is a much more sought after activity for the beach bums out there. Of course, the most famous activity to try in Brighton is the pier, full of entertainment and campy, old school British seaside fun. Enjoy the fairground, cafes and restaurants, and of course a classic fish and chip supper.

What to wear: It’s obvious, isn’t it? The Deck Chair Islanders, of course!




Watergate Bay, Cornwall, England

Our final pick is one of the best beaches for water sports enthusiasts. The large, golden sand beach of Watergate Bay is a popular site for those who crave enormous waves coming in from the Atlantic at high tide. Being on the far western coast, the open bay frequently picks up swell from the Atlantic ocean, making it super popular with surfers and families alike. A short drive from Newquay with a car park close to the beach, those who can stand a little more exercise or adventure might fancy the hilly, forty-five minute walk from Newquay itself.

What to wear: our waterproof Duckbill flip-flops are a must for any surfer - the perfect flip-flops to wear fresh out the surf.

We hope that the last few days of (fairly) decent weather in the UK only continues throughout the rest of the summer, so that as many of us as possible are able to get out there and enjoy the wonders of the UK’s coastlines. Whether you’re flocking to the beautiful beaches of Britain or staying local this summer, we want to hear from you! Share your adventures with us on Instagram @GumbiesUK, and make sure you’re tagging us in your stories with #GumbiesJourneys - the ones we like might even make it onto our feed!