Gumbies Ambassador Series: Hiking with Leanne & Adina

To launch our new hiking inspired Scrambler sandal we enlisted some well heeled hikers to put our newest Gumbies addition through its paces.

This is the first edition of our hiking guide with our latest ambassadors @hiking_girls_uk

Hiking, as described by Wikipedia is a “long, vigorous walk, usually on trails or footpaths in the countryside” but we prefer to describe it quite simply as “a walk for pleasure”.

Hiking has many benefits aside from being a great form of exercise. It can reconnect you with nature, calm your body & mind, and elevate your spirits through the release of endorphins. Plus, it’s a great way to spend quality time with friends and loved ones.

And unlike a lot of things it's totally affordable, all it costs is your time!

Let’s ask @hiking_girls_uk how they found our new Scrambler and how they got into hiking?

How was the Scrambler over distance?

The Scramblers are super comfy and durable, we were not expecting them to be as good as they were over the duration of our hikes. We found them comfortable and very useful on all kinds of terrain. We used them for climbing, where the grip on them was very good and also used them for walking along the beach.

Did you have enough grip?

Yes, they were good for all types of terrain we encountered. Managed to have enough grip getting up in those difficult places up to the top to see the views of the Coastline. 

Did it feel good having your feet open to the elements?

It was amazing feeling the wind and having air to our feet. In particular when we make our way down to the beach we can easily remove them for a dip in the ocean.

How did you get into hiking?

Our adventures began during the first Lockdown. We wanted to keep ourselves active and busy during all our spare time. Adina asked me (Leanne) if I wanted to join her on a local walk. I was not much of a walker and wanted to prove to Adina that I could do it. From that moment we fell in love with it all. There is just something about the fresh air hitting you, the nature and animals we  see on the way, it just brings a peaceful aura over you and helps you escape from the world, your day to day troubles and stress and just see life from a different perspective. Hiking is one of the best antidepressants and does wonders for your mental health, especially during these difficult past months.  We have visited so  many places since then and fell in love with them all. 

Where was your last trek?

We had visited Tintagel, this was at the top of our list of must see locations for us across the UK.

Where is Favourite place to hike so far?

We have visited many locations, the coastline has got to be our most preferred places. We can both agree our most favourite place has got to be Tintagel in Cornwall. The pictures really do not do it justice, it is just beautiful in every way possible. Nothing beats the feeling of sitting on the side of the coast, sun gazing down and the sound of the waves crashing onto the shore. The water is so clear and there is so much to see. We highly recommend this place for anyone.

Have you ever been caught out by the good old British weather?

Yes, a few times, but this has not stopped us. We had visited Seven Sisters and were not expecting the blanket of fog that came over us. We could not see anything. It was still beautiful and different, giving the area a bit of a mysterious feel. We’ve also been caught in the rain on a hike at Beachy Head. We had no waterproofs and it was freezing cold, so we had to share a jacket as a shelter.

What's the wildest thing you’ve seen on a hike?

We can’t say we saw many wild things on our hikes yet, but we surely experienced some wild adventures. We fell down a few holes, fell down a hill in mud and clay at Cheddar Gorge, or we made very poor judgement using some equipment for example: When we had visited Golden Cap in Dorset, we used our Drone. The cliff was on an angle, we placed ourselves down at the bottom and attempted to do a circle video to get a 360 view of us and the surroundings. As the drone started its journey to do a 360 of us, we realised the drone was heading for the face of the cliff. At that moment of realisation, it was too late. Luckily, we managed to monkey our way down to rescue the drone. (Totally not recommended you ever attempt this guys!)

Any plans for something more adventurous?

When we visit Devon again, we would love to go on a safari boat to see the dolphins and sea lions. Maybe attempt a hike up a mountain in a different country when time/ current restrictions allow us to.

Best hiking snack?

We do not snack whilst we are out on the hike, but we enjoy a rewarding McDonalds afterwards! 

Top tips for anyone starting out on a hike?

Our top tips would be: 

  • Plan your visit, make sure the weather is good and you know the right location you are going to. We made the big mistake of going to a beach in South Devon that had the same name as the one we wanted to go to in North Devon…it was a loooong day!
  • Have a look at the difficulty level of the hike
  • Wear the correct gear for it, don’t get caught in the rain like us with no waterproofs or when we thought we were going to freeze to death in the Peak District.
  • Pack a well set backpack, we usually take wipes, chargers, water and gadgets we use for photos, snacks if you wish like trail mix etc, and a torch would be quite handy.  

You can follow the girls on their adventures here:

Instagram - @hiking_girls_uk