Gumbies 'Walkabout' trainers; The MOST comfortable trainers you’ll ever wear!

So, how did it all start with the Gumbies 'Walkabout' trainers? You may ask.

It all started three years ago when we decided to produce a lightweight, comfortable and sustainable shoe that consisted only of natural and eco-friendly materials such as; Merino wool, cotton, bamboo, castor beans, recycled bottles and recycled rubber.

What are the benefits of these materials?

Merino Wool; This super soft wool not only keeps your feet warm during the winter season, it’s itch-free!

Cotton; For those hot summer days of walking around theme parks, a busy day in the office or a workout at the gym, this natural material allows your feet to breathe which prevents them from getting sweaty!

Bamboo; The lining of the shoe and fights off the bad bacteria within the shoe that causes odour. No more smelly feet!

Castor Bean; An eco-friendly and natural replacement for harsh crude-oil which is often used to make insoles.

Recycled post-consumer plastics; Would you believe that our super-soft laces are made from these?!

Recycled rubber; A great solution for ensuring that the 'Walkabout' soles are slip-resistant and have plenty of grip!

When and where can I wear the 'Walkabout' trainers?

These can be worn at any time – come rain or shine!

The 'Walkabout' trainers have a Teflon water repellent eco-protection to prevent them from getting dirty or wet throughout the day.

Also, the super-soft castor bean soles act as a great shock absorber which prevents foot strain and discomfort, so you can go about your day pain-free!

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