Men's Tracker Sandals

    Step into the contoured footbed of the Tracker Sandal and experience a barefoot feel like never before. Designed to mirror the natural shape of your foot, the footbed offers unparalleled comfort and flexibility across any terrain, allowing you to move with ease and confidence.

    Why Choose Gumbies?

    Contoured For Comfort

    Our flip flop insoles are shaped to follow the natural contours of your feet delivering a barefoot feel with unparalleled comfort.


    We chose recycled rubber as the base material for our innovative outsoles with the dual purpose of flexibility and durability in mind.

    Plant a Tree

    With each purchase of Gumbies Sandals , a mangrove tree is planted in Mozambique, Madagascar or Kenya. Mangrove trees enrich the environment due to their ability to store up to 4 times more carbon than other trees.