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Gumbies Men's Corker Flip-Flops

Featuring a real cork top layer which has many attributes: warm in winter, cool in summer, breathable, anti-microbial, durable, water resistant and super comfortable.Using the same outsole make up as the Islander with jute for strength.A recycled cotton canvas strap and super soft cotton toe post for a non-chafing flip-flop experience.
A must for any beach, bar or hike in the hills.

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Due to very low thermal conductivity, Cork is very comfortable all-year round. It also has natural Odor Resistance properties.

Uses: Corker Flip-Flop footbed.


Jute Fibre

Jute fibres are known for their strong, coarse, environment friendly, and organic properties.

Uses: Corker Flip-Flop outsole.



Recycling textile helps reduce water consumption, landfill space and the need for new materials being produced.

Uses: Corker Flip-Flop strap.



Recycled rubber helps to reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfills, burnt for energy or dumped at sea!

Uses: Corker Flip-Flop outsole.

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