Designed to be kept outback

Gumbies Men's Outback Slippers

Designed to take you further than just your back door.

Using recycled rubber for the sole, an upper made from 100% PET (recycled bottles) and a Castor Bean cushion midsole for comfort and the added felt helps keep your feet nice and warm.

Keep it simple, after riding a wave, after climbing a mountain, after skiing off-piste, step into the outback.

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By recycling plastic waste in to new products is one way to reduce the need for new materials being produced.

Uses: Outback Slipper Upper and lining.


Castor Bean

Like many other plant oils, castor oil is a valuable renewable resource. Sources of castor oil can be readily replenished, with low environmental impact.

Uses: Outback Slipper insole.



Recycled rubber helps to reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfills, burnt for energy or dumped at sea!

Uses: Outback Slipper outsole.

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