Wearing Gumbies during self-isolation

Wearing Gumbies during self-isolation

Gardening in our Gumbies Outback slippers is just one of the many things that we've been trying to do to occupy ourselves at home during self-isolation!

We feel that it's just as important to be comfortable at home, so why not start off with your feet! Our Gumbies footwear range is colourful, comfortable and practical, allowing you to wear these indoors or outdoors (whilst being safe of course! 😉).

So here's a few styles plucked out from our Gumbies range....

1. Whether you're wearing these for indoor Yoga (they make for a great alternative to yoga mats!), or you're just nipping outdoors to grab the washing, the Gumbies Islander flip-flops are perfect for the indoors or outdoors – recycled rubber has been used for the sole for durability, and these are also specially shaped to follow the contours of the foot and the arch of the sole, as well as using EVA midsoles and cotton toe posts for extra comfort.

2. The Gumbies Deckmates are perfect for nipping to the food shop in, or for doing handstands in in the garden! They are extremely lightweight, weighing only 340g!
Also, the memory foam insole helps to give added all-day comfort.

3. As mentioned previously, we've been making the most of the outdoors by gardening in our Gumbies Outback slippers! These aren't your average slippers as the anti-slip recycled rubber soles and the EVA mid sole still allow for these to be worn indoors or outdoors! Also, made from 8 recycled bottles for the upper, these also keep your toes feeling snug and cosy whilst working from home.

4. The Gumbies sliders are a perfect option for those who aren’t a fan of flip-flops; unlike traditional sliders, the Slider was specially shaped to follow the contours of the foot and the arch of the sole, as well as using EVA midsoles, allowing you to be comfortable whilst relaxing in the garden or relaxing in them whilst being indoors.