Natural Foam Insoles - Charcoal

Natural Foam Insoles - Charcoal

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Plants 1 mangrove tree in Africa The tree planting operations provide crucial income to local communities. You can track your impact after purchase.

Breath new life into your Gumbies slippers with our replacement Insoles.

Our feather-light foam insoles are of natural, plant-based origin. They are formulated from organic, biomass-derived materials and have a lower carbon footprint than typical polyurethane foam. This material is the perfect texture to comfort the sole through its super-soft cushioned surface.

Customer Reviews

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Big difference

Had my slippers for a couple of years now and the insoles were getting a bit worn. Opted for the fleece ones and what a difference. They're pricy but doesn't seem over the top when my slippers still look nearly new.

New lease of life in slippers

Great product, as the previous ones were getting worn. Maybe if they could have more protection on the heel that be even better

Brian M.
Gumbie insoles

Replaced my insoles as my dog took a liking to the old ones.

Sarah M.
Perfect fit

I was given a pair of Gumbies over 2 years ago and wear them constantly throughout the winter. They're great for keeping my feet warm (I have Raynaud's) and I love that I can nip outside in them too. I was really pleased to find out that I could buy replacement insoles after mine wore through. Speedy delivery, minimally packaged and cheap postage. And they fit inside my slippers perfectly. Win win!

Jen H.
Just what I needed

These perfectly fit my Gumbies slippers so they were so easy to pop in. The slippers are still in top condition but the insoles had worn, so this has saved me replacing the entire pair!
The only thing I'm sad about is my old ones were pink and now you can no longer buy pink insoles. Please bring back the coloured insoles! I need a pop of colour in my life and my slippers!